» Unimás Case Study

Unimás Case Study

It’s been seven years since Troika and Unimás collaborated on the previous network rebrand, the longest-running identity on their air. For 2021, the intent was for this to be a simple refresh. But during the Discovery process, Unimás saw there was a significant change to both the audience and the content over the years, one that warranted stepping back and considering a completely new attitude for the brand.

The existing look was dark and dramatic, reflecting the channel’s heavy drama programming and male-skewed audience.

But now the audience profiled much more female-skewed, as well as younger—an audience that no longer identified with the heavy look of the identity. We needed to lift the channel up, starting a brighter and more lively color palette.

We also wanted the identity to reflect the greater diversity of the audience. We accomplished this by moving from a completely graphic design to one that incorporated people, adding motion, energy, and a human side to the brand.

The result was a completely transformed visual identity, one that became current with the evolution of the channel and reconnects with all of the people and content that make up Unimás.