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Riot Valorant

Since Valorant launched in Summer 2020, the gaming community has been eagerly awaiting the launch of Valorant esports. They got a taste of it with the Ignition Series, now the time had come to show the world what Riot’s version looks like with the Valorant Champions Tour: First Strike.

The main goal was to give North American viewers the best Valorant production seen so far. It’s the biggest region for Valorant esports, and Riot wanted to keep it that way. They wanted big viewership numbers, which meant giving fans an unparalleled experience. The presentation had to match and highlight the level of style and creativity that Riot brought to the game, which was a first for the utilitarian world of tactical shooters. The design had to be stylish and global, pushing creative boundaries, bringing a premium feel to the game, and giving a nod to the many cultures that make up the sport.