» Riot League Championship Series

Riot League Championship Series

Riot and Troika continue their six-year partnership—this time, it’s to future-proof the LCS brand, as Troika designs and launches a newly revamped LCS for North America. It is the region’s largest professional esports league, and the goal is to raise competitive gaming and the fan experience to a whole new level.

As esports continues to attract a large audience and big brand sponsors, Troika needed to capture the league’s spirit while pushing the boundaries of a traditional sports broadcast. The work had to be multidimensional, the ability to tell multiple stories around the players, the action and the brand. Technically, the design had to work equally well whether the viewer was using a big screen TV or a mobile device.

Working with Devlin Design Group, Troika created a newly designed set, new technology for commentator interaction, and a new graphics package, all working hand-in-hand to create an elevated fan experience.