» Troika Unveils Charlotte Hornets Brand Identity

Troika Unveils Charlotte Hornets Brand Identity

Press 12–23–13


(December 23rd, 2013) Brand consultancy & creative agency Troika has partnered with the Charlotte Bobcats and unveiled the team’s new Hornets logo through an in-arena sizzle video and environmental branding. Introduced by Bobcats Chairman Michael Jordan and former Hornets legends, the logo was revealed at halftime during the Bobcats’ game on December 21.

Acting as the pinnacle of a night that introduced the new brand identity of the Hornets to Charlotte after a 12-year departure, the brand sizzle was built to harness the excitement around the announcement, and embody the tenacious, relentless attitude of the new Hornets. Troika was tapped to bring the agency’s entertainment pedigree to the in-game experience, developing an immersive, cinematic story of the Hornets’ past and future through graphics, music, and language.

“This isn’t a comeback, it’s a homecoming. Troika’s goal was to create a powerful in-arena experience that pays off what Hornets fans have been waiting for 12 years. There’s a true passion behind the Hornets brand in Charlotte, so we wanted to make sure we delivered on this love for the team through creative storytelling that brings the new Hornets attitude to life,” noted Gil Haslam, Creative Director at Troika.

The :90 sizzle, rooted in a creative concept that follows the “Hornet swarm” through the team’s history and into 2014, features a grandiose spectacle of team colors and shapes, and original music to build fervor in the arena. The sizzle’s script is written to bring ownership of the Hornets name back to Charlotte – “Our city, our colors, our name,” “ 2014 We Will Swarm” – and culminates with the highly anticipated reveal of the new Hornets logo, dimensionalized and animated by Troika to bring a more rich experience to fans.

The Hornets brand identity unveiling was a collaborative process between Charlotte’s executive team and Troika’s sports marketing division. They continue to partner on branding initiatives to set the tone of the Hornets brand as the 2014-2015 season approaches.