» Troika Rebrands TSN’s “That’s Hockey”

Troika Rebrands TSN’s “That’s Hockey”

Press 10–07–13


(October 7th, 2013) Brand consultancy & creative agency Troika has partnered with TSN, Canada’s number one sports network, to rebrand their daily hockey news show, That’s Hockey. The rebrand launched simultaneously with the 2013-2014 NHL season.

TSN turned to Troika to reimagine That’s Hockey – a national hockey news show hosted by longtime TSN personality Gino Reda that has been on the air for over 17 years – by creating a brand identity that visually reflects Canada’s daily conversations around the sport.

Troika developed the conceptually-driven That’s Hockey identity around the idea of a conversational “chain reaction,” taking viewers on an immersive ride across the show’s hot topics through dynamic twists and jolting movements that mirror hockey’s fast pace and hard hits.

The new That’s Hockey identity is designed in a customizable story framework to keep the viewing experience dynamic for each day’s airing, and features polished graphics built from abstracted textures and elements of the game. That’s Hockey’s new identity also informs the show’s studio set design, and acts as a strategic foundation for visual connections between the network’s pre- and post-game coverage.

Said Gil Haslam, Sports Creative Director at Troika, “Before diving into That’s Hockey’s creative execution, the Troika team strategized how the package can visually ignite nightly conversations around Canada’s beloved sport. ‘Chain Reaction’ was the answer, giving TSN the ability to adjust to daily news stories and deliver a fresh viewing experience for seasons to come.”

TSN’s That’s Hockey rebrand was created by a team of 15 creative directors, animators, designers, writers, and producers at Troika, and was delivered in a toolkit format for TSN’s internal teams to update on a daily basis.