» Troika Rebrands The CW, Launches ‘TV Now’ Tagline

Troika Rebrands The CW, Launches ‘TV Now’ Tagline

Press 09–11–12


The CW has tapped brand consultancy and creative agency Troika to develop a new tagline and rebrand the identity across its on-air and digital channels. The revamped CW is set to hit air October 1st, and aims to redefine the network as a multiplatform entertainment brand by maximizing the growing opportunities audiences have to digitally connect with it.

With online viewership accounting for 18% of the network’s total viewership, and 93% of online viewers never tuning into the network on-air, The CW sought to build a digital brand experience to align with their audience – tech savvy, culturally progressive 18-34 year-olds. The CW’s business model has shifted to integrate more advertising across digital channels, relying less heavily on TV ad revenue than competing networks. As such, the CW set out to redefine what it means to be a television network, aiming to build a cohesive transmedia brand across their digital media landscape.

This fully integrated TV and digital experience prompted The CW to partner with Troika, who launched the network in 2006 and has collaborated with The CW to maintain brand & audience alignment thereafter. The agency aimed to expand The CW’s brand presence across the digital entertainment sphere and develop new tagline that addresses the audience’s thirst for now.

Troika developed The CW’s new tagline, “TV Now,” to position the network at the forefront, or “now,” of the emerging television landscape, and speak to the “now” approach the network’s audience has to consuming its content. “TV” acts as a modular descriptor; seducTV for The Vampire Diaries, prescripTV for Emily Owens, M.D., addicTV as an overall brand message. “Now” acts as an activator for audience engagement, inviting viewers to “Like Now,” “Listen Now” or “Tweet Now,” navigating audience to different platforms to interact with the brand.

The CW’s revamped brand design is featured on-air, across digital platforms, and is built with modular elements for the network’s 200+ affiliates to customize. The package is rooted in a new green that aims to reflect today’s fashion and popular culture trends, and features app-like symbolism for brand, show, and digital platform-specific iconography. A framing device anchors promotions, which “frames” imagery that acts as living key art. This key art is implemented throughout all brand touchpoints to seamlessly promote content.