» Troika Rebrands Globosat’s SporTV

Troika Rebrands Globosat’s SporTV

Press 01–24–12


United States brand consultancy and creative agency Troika has partnered with SporTV, a subsidiary of Brazilian media conglomerate Globosat, to rebrand the sports network. The new identity was spurred by Brazil’s upcoming hosting of the World Cup and Summer Olympics and hit air November 11th.

In preparation for the network’s World Cup and Olympic coverage, SporTV had the challenge of developing a world-class identity that is also distinctly Brazilian. The package aimed to position SporTV as the best, most trusted sports source in Brazil, and therefore was to be designed around the country’s most popular sports: soccer, volleyball, car and motorcycle racing, tennis, mixed martial arts, and basketball.

The creative concept used as the foundation for the package, Rising, is a metaphor for Brazilian sports culture, with individual elements coming together to create a hero logo resolve built from the sum of its parts. Rising literally takes the viewer inside SporTV’s logo and builds environments within it for all of the network’s highlights and events to be featured. The package aims to emulate Brazilian culture through vibrant colors, energetic movements and authentic textures.

This design aesthetic informed all elements of the new identity, included IDs, opens and a full navigational and promotional toolkit. IDs were built as abstractions of the newly refined SporTV logo, with final resolves locking over skyscapes. Promotional and navigational elements were created for specific sports; grassy elements for soccer, hardwood for basketball, asphalt for motorcycle racing.

Said Reid Thompson, Creative Director at Troika, “This was a great opportunity for Troika to team up with an international client that has huge opportunities on the horizon. We were able to immerse ourselves in the Brazilian culture to deliver a package with top notch production value that Brazilians can take ownership of and relate to.”

The rebrand was built in After Effects, Maya, and Cinema 4D over a 7-month period and delivered in a toolkit format for SporTV’s internal team to easily update and build upon. A team of 24 designers, animators, creative directors, editors and producers worked on the project at Troika, which included an onsite implementation at Globosat’s facilities in Rio de Janeiro.