» Troika Brands New Canal+ Group Networks D8 & D17

Troika Brands New Canal+ Group Networks D8 & D17

Press 10–26–12


French television studio & distributor Canal+ Group has teamed up with US-based brand consultancy & creative agency Troika and French production company Flab Productions to relaunch their recently acquired free-to-air networks, flagship general entertainment channel D8 and youth music channel D17. The revamped networks, formerly Direct 8 and Direct Star, will air over France’s free digital terrestrial television network (TNT).

D8 marks Canal+ Group’s first foray into the free-to-air general entertainment TV market. As such, the network aimed to deliver a premium brand experience that positions the network to immediately compete with French free-to-air networks TF1, France Televisions, and M6. Canal+ Group was also challenged to position the networks to appeal to two distinct audiences; D8 reflecting values of quality, prestige, and being broadly relatable, and D17 tapping the spirit of youth culture.

Said Dale Everett, Creative Director at Troika, “This was a great opportunity for Troika to leverage our expertise in North and South American entertainment branding and translate it to the European market. The unique perspectives that a French-based network and US-based agency bring together resulted in strong D8 and D17 brands that are positioned to immediately challenge France’s top channels.”

Canal+ Group tapped Flab Productions to act as a third party consultant throughout the rebrand process, and partnered with Troika to build the brand identities concurrently for D8 and D17. To reflect D8’s broad audience and premium offerings, the identity is rooted in rich, 3D graphic environments that lend a high production quality feel. A set of IDs were delivered as a part of the network package, featuring D8’s larger-than-life logo building in fantastical ways throughout iconic French landscapes. A full news package was also created for D8’s daily coverage.

D17’s brand is built to cater to the network’s youthful pop-culture oriented audience. The identity uses original fashion and lifestyle photography set in urban areas to showcase a vibrant energy and modern patterns and textures. Bright, 2D graphics and a jump-cut editorial style aim to add fast paced, culturally current feel to the network.

Promotional toolkits, opens, original music, and 70+ IDs were delivered to D8 and D17 by a team of over 20 creative directors, animators, designers, editors, and producers at Troika.