» Root Sports Rebrands as AT&T SportsNet

Root Sports Rebrands as AT&T SportsNet


Troika partnered with AT&T Sports Networks to rebrand the company’s regional sports network brand, Root Sports, as AT&T SportsNet in the Pittsburgh, Rocky Mountains and Southwest regions. We aimed to build a powerful sports network that balanced the global scale of the parent brand with the regional presence of local pro teams.


We effectively leveraged the power of the AT&T brand while staying true to the authentic, passionate voice of each individual city and team. By translating this into a visual design system, we created an overarching identity that unites the brand across regions but allows for flexibility to tap into local audience needs and expectations.

The new identity delivered on a few core visual themes:

1) Connected. Connect viewers and fans to what they love: their cities and their teams.

2) Immersive. Create a design that delivers on multiple layers of identity with impactful visual stimulation. It was about being up-close and personal with a passionate fans’ insider perspective. Think like a fan – was the creative driver.

3) Emotive. Showcase aspects of the content that fans have an emotional connection to: the color, icons, sounds, chants and slogans, stirring imagery that’s amplified, unfiltered, unconstrained.

4) Tribal. Fans are unique in the way they express their own identity within the shared identity of team and city, so celebrate all things team-related and be apart of something bigger.

5) Progressive/Innovative. Design for the fan by redefining ways to tell stories, frame the action with new tools, and create layouts and sequences to communicate those stories.

We also created an interface-driven information system that was sleek and progressive storytelling that made the linear experience feel seamless on mobile.