» NFL GameDay Evolution

NFL GameDay Evolution

NFL Network tapped Troika to develop an innovative creative strategy that evolves and elevates the NFL GameDay brand, connects to its legacy identity, and establishes a defined story arc that anchors the family of NFL GameDay franchise shows.

GameDay 2.0 redefines the flagship experience through greater utilization of talent, infusion of more dynamic football energy, and an unfiltered authentic point of view. The goal was to deliver richer, more entertaining, and in-depth storytelling that will energize the GameDay experience.

Laced with realism, impact and energy, the new package immersed viewers in the rawness of the game and the excitement of the game presentation.

Everything from embedding the logo into the environment, to integrating live action into the design, to the candid way talent is portrayed, celebrates authenticity. The new identity makes every effort to bring fans as close to the game as possible.