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CBS Thursday Night Football

We created a brand identity for the CBS NFL Thursday Night Football launch that was anchored by a strong brand concept that will inform a comprehensive set of packaging elements including a live action integrated open, signature game elements, studio shows, promo toolkits, and an innovative information system.

Within the unified logo titling system, we developed an iconic mark that serves as a core creative inspiration and expands across all related franchises.

Driven by innovation, we created an intuitive insert graphic system informs and entertains the viewers and enhances the story of the game.

The expansive show packaging generates a signature backdrop for a studio experience that creates an intimate, insider feel mixed with the consistency of the marquee creative execution. Sponsorship opportunities are seamlessly integrated into the titling.

Generating anticipation and building excitement for the week’s marquee match-up is the inspiration behind this compelling package extension that sets the stage for each week’s rivalries. An expansive logo exploration tested all aspects of what the mark needed to accomplish for CBS Sports across all applications that resulted in the hero selection.

From the initial vision coming alive inside the collective brainstorm to an amazing live action shoot execution that brought that vision to life, the creative journey resulted in an open experience unique to the NFL genre.

A practical aircraft hangar shoot with Don Cheadle was executed without green screen to ensure seamless environment integration during our compositing effort. In addition to on set creative and VFX supervision, Troika created photo realistic 3D set enhancements, giant video walls and an enormous 3D curtain that unfurled in the finale. The final composited product is up-dateable to the storytelling of each week’s marquee match-up.