» 2019 Super Bowl Takeover

2019 Super Bowl Takeover

Building on

our long-time partnership that includes the complete redesign of the current network identity, we teamed up with CBS Sports once again to revitalize the 2019 Super Bowl package with an eye toward refreshing the look of the new fall season.

Team logos

were deconstructed to allow for a dive into new, detailed worlds and surprising reveals.

The design

also provides more opportunities to create combinations of texture and color, as well as different surfaces and areas to display and highlight information on dynamic surfaces, adding more layers of energy and storytelling.

Working closely

with the CBS Sports team, the engagement included a series of workshops at Troika’s LA offices where the entire client-agency group worked closely together to develop the creative.

Our relationship

with Yahoo! Sports started with building the NFL Live on Yahoo! Sports brand. This newcomer to the sports media scene was created for fans to stream live NFL games on their mobile devices for the first time ever—an industry disruptor.

For the 2018 Super Bowl

we created an elevated identity package, separating it from the regular season package that we had initially designed.

For 2019

we were asked to push the brand a step further by creating the mobile “Fan Cave,” a live game day activation in Atlanta.

The Fan Cave

traveled throughout the city, stopping at college campuses and tailgate parties where fans could celebrate together and capture memorable moments. It was designed to signal a new era of the “man cave” — an environment on the go, anywhere fans desire, like Yahoo! Sports itself.