Vortexx Brand Launch

Our challenge was to create the name, logo and identity for the new block of Saturday morning kids programming on The CW. The block – formerly CW4Kids – was acquired by Saban Brands in early 2012, who sought a name and logo that reflects its action & adventure programming, including Power Rangers, WWE Saturday Morning Slam, Yu Gi Oh! Zexal, Justice League, and Dragon Ball Z.

The name and logo were built to deliver on the brand promise of being a destination of “explosively unexpected action.” The name Vortexx alludes to the crazed whirlwind of action that takes place within the programming block, and the logo is rooted in a world filled with innocent danger built with a hint of sophistication.

When brought to life through motion, the “V” in the logo itself pulls everything boys love into one place with its whirling gravitation pull.