V Brand Identity

Troika was tasked with refreshing French-Canadian network V’s brand identity by broadening the brand’s appeal and owning their “Passion to Entertain” position and shifting V’s branding and communication to reflect the change in their audience without losing core brand distinctions.

We developed a new identity based upon V’s values of being candid and creative. The new look is rooted in V’s signature black and yellow colors but was expanded upon to bring more diversity to the identity. Given V’s recently expanded audience, it was essential to drive talent and show attribution back to the network. This was accomplished through a branded promo system and IDs that incorporate V’s brand DNA with live-action shots of their talent.

An icon system was developed for V’s shows, also in an effort to drive show attribution back to the network. A movie open was created to give V’s brand signatures a distinctly cinematic feel.

Troika creative directed a live action shoot with V’s talent in Montreal. Footage was set up and captured to allow V the flexibility to implement across on-air, print, digital, and OOH. Motion tests were developed to explore interesting ways to incorporate talent footage into the package. This initial test was the basis for the identity’s talent imagery.