Root Sports Brand Launch

We partnered with DirecTV Sports to relaunch its three acquired FSN properties – Northwest, Rocky Mountain, and Pittsburgh – as ROOT Sports by creating a new brand strategy, communication platform, and brand identity that embraces hometown fans and teams of each region.

'We Are a Fan' was the conceptual platform behind the brand strategy and identity that allowed ROOT Sports to take a side by rooting for the hometown team. ROOT Sports’ communication strategy and identity was built to bring an authentic insider experiencer on screen by talking how a fan talks and showcasing the experience of what a fan sees, hears, feels, and remembers.

The package was created as a framework with the flexibility to “wear” any of the region’s home team colors and feature hometown traditions, iconography, and design signatures. The launch include a promo rooted in image cropping.

The game packaging, also known as the “Ultimate Scoreboard,” was built to bring a customized, home-team bias that immerses viewers into the iconography and history of their team. For the insert system, elements were built to give the edge to the hometown team by making the home team’s logo bigger and incorporating those colors into the general design. The identity was extended into ROOT Sports’ website.

Original music was scored and chants were recorded for each region with choir students at local Los Angeles area high schools.