ESPN College Basketball Rebrand

Our challenge was to create a distinct, ownable identity for ESPN’s College Basketball franchise that reflects the game’s fanaticism, tradition and excitement through a living gallery of stories; think MOMA meets ESPN. A logo system was designed for College Basketball and ESPN’s pre and post game show, College Gameday, and for each of ESPN’s basketball titling systems.

A living, moving gallery was built that takes viewers into the passion and anticipation of the big game. College Gameday’s package features crazed student sections, hand-made signs, and team colors, while the college basketball game packaging focuses around gameplay and brings viewers onto the court.

The new identity was rippled through to Gameday, men’s and women’s pre-game and post-game coverage, and a navigational toolkit. It was built to have legs for ESPN’s teams to use across multiple departments; ESPN Marketing used the files for an image campaign throughout the 2011-2012 season.

What You Didn't See

The Art of Mayhem was originally dreamt up through pencil sketches detailing out the living gallery of stories, fans, and game elements.

Once general design directions were decided upon, these sketches were brought to life to give a proof of concept for specific elements. To establish the spirit of the college basketball identity, an animatic was created before deep-diving into building out specific deliverables.