Discovery Channel Rebrand

We partnered with Discovery Channel for a yearlong partnership, touching all aspects of the brand’s communication platforms and visual identity, including on-air, online, print, ad sales, promo and launch campaigns. Our goal was to reinvigorate, reposition and rebrand one of the most beloved entertainment brands in the world.

Discovery’s identity was built to pull viewers closer to the network’s talent and the worlds they live in. Design signatures were built to deliver on Discovery’s core brand values of optimism and adventure; bold typographic layouts, documentary grit, rack focuses and a bright palette. The promo system was built to give Discovery a consistent and ownable design, writing and editorial style.

Collaborative workshops were conducted at Discovery’s headquarters to keep their internal teams involved with the brand updates; some onsites were hands-on sessions to implement the new package, while others were intakes on how the package could be best built for each department. We worked with Discovery’s internal teams to create 8 upfront sales tapes to take on the road during upfronts to generate buzz around their slate of programming and new identity.

Posters were designed for Discovery’s internal team as inspiration for what the revamped brand stands for, and to use as a tonal reference for promos and marketing campaigns.