Giant Spoon

Giant Spoon is a new kind of agency designed for the future of media, built from the ground up. Media no longer has any boundaries, it’s simply any connection between a person and a brand. They are not a digital agency, but an everything agency that embraces digital culture and always starts with the idea. Giant Spoon believes in idea-centric strategy, where the idea is the strategy amplified through content, technology, and media. Giant Spoon was founded in 2013 by a seasoned advertising executive team known for innovation and disruption; Alan Cohen, Jonathan Haber, Marc Simons, and Trevor Guthrie.


Fugitives is an editorial boutique that combines world-class creativity, refined sensibilities, and simple solutions to push the boundaries of post production. Whether it’s branded entertainment, network launch spots, or supervising visual effects, Fugitives celebrates all forms of creativity by harnessing the power of images. Founded in 2005, Fugitives has partnered with television networks including ABC, FOX Sports, National Geographic and The Hub, and consumer brands including Disney, Milk, Kellogg’s, Nabisco, Mattel, and Lysol.


Syn is a full service music studio comprised of four unique divisions: Syn Songs (licensing & publishing), Syn Studios (original music production), Syn Entertainment (event production), and Syn Create (creative services). With experts from every corner of the music industry, from production to A&R to rights management to promotion, each division has the ability to work independently or come together as a single unit. 
Founded by Nick Wood and Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran in 1991, Syn Music has established itself as an international industry leader, having partnered with clients including Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, CNN, and Warner Brothers.


Thinkingbox began as a small shop with a broad range of skillsets, delusional ambitions, and late-night ‘Entourage’ binge-watching. With roots in design, development, and film, they meandered the crowded landscape of web and app creation eventually casting a wide net with more innovative and imaginative solutions for their diverse clientele. Solutions that bring our clients’ ideas to life. They are a collective of abstract thinkers whose curiosity has gotten the better of us. They love to use the latest gadgets, and implement the latest technology. Yet they use technology to drive the content, not as a novelty wherein the concept becomes diluted. The idea is the foundation of our work, they just try to use the best tools of the trade to build on it. Fortunately, that approach has led them to collaborate side-by-side with some of the most recognized, and most successful brands in the world. Global influencers who remain ahead of the curve because their presence is constantly evolving. Working with such good company, they’ve been lucky to partake in award-winning projects that make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But they haven’t forgotten about our humble beginnings. They are still the same group of hooligans that share the same passion: make cool stuff. It’s that simple.


Collectively orchestrates influencer marketing initiatives designed to generate engagement and awareness for brands. Their innovative agency model combines creativity and proprietary software to reinvent the way brands create content and communicate through people on social media. Collectively launched in 2013, using their experience and insights to create an entirely new agency model. In the two years since, Collectively has successfully completed more than 100 influencer marketing intiatives and continues to quickly grow the roster of premium brands they work for HP, Jawbone, Old Navy, GMC and bareMinerals, to name a few. Headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, the 32-person company has proven their model offers something brands increasingly find essential to the marketing mix.