Nuri Djavit

Chief Strategy Officer

Nuri joins Troika with 17 years of experience in global digital marketing and advertising, where he is charged with overseeing day-to-day operations and leading agency growth, development and innovation from within.

He has been leading agencies through technical change since the early days of digital and understands that behind every great agency is a great culture. At Troika, Nuri promotes the growth of our people and capabilities within a culture built on collaboration, excellence and integrity.

Most recently, Nuri served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Emotiv, a San Francisco-based tech company, where he successfully carried out marketing efforts and key commercial activities with brands such as Disney, ABC, Lucas Arts, Sony and organizations such as the World Economic Forum.

Married and the father of two young daughters, he continues to pursue his passions in arts and engineering by painting and building motorcycles.