NBC Sports Brand Update

NBC Sports Hero


Create a cohesive brand platform and identity system for the expanded set of properties under the newly formed NBC Sports Group – the result of the NBC & Comcast merger – including the rebrand of Versus to NBC Sports Network.

What You Saw

The new identity reaches all brand touchpoints for NBC Sports, including network, cable, RSN, and online coverage of the NHL, Olympics, NFL, horseracing’s Triple Crown, Dew Tour, and Tour de France.

The identity is rooted in the rebrand of Versus to NBC Sports Network, giving viewers the first ever 24/7 NBC Sports experience.

Game packaging was built for NBC Sports’ marquee properties, including elements featured in the 2012 Super Bowl and Stanley Cup Finals.

Network IDs were created to tell compelling stories through the NBC Sports brand filter.

A promo toolkit was designed to drive tune-in and navigate audiences across platforms.

Show packaging was built for NHL on NBC Live.

A full insert system was created to bring the same design aesthetic of the game packaging into intricate informational graphics.

What You Didn’t See

A brand blueprint was mapped out, detailing where each property, logo, game package, and show would live within the NBC Sports Group. This spider-web paved the way for how the identity would eventually be built.

NBC Sports properties were arranged, based on scale, to focus different communication strategies and creative platforms for each event.

Once a brand foundation was established, exploration began on how to creatively express this. The goal was to bring fans into the action through a ground-level POV from inside the sporting arena; the final conceptual platform was dubbed “Immersive Moments.”

Toolkits were built for NBC Sports to easily expand identities across a larger footprint, allowing their teams to build each property into a unified system.

Significant R&D went into activating insert graphics and arranging how to give viewer the most information with the smallest footprint possible.

Tune-in information was designed to be uniform for every sport in an effort to make it as easy as possible for viewers to find the information they need.