Helping brands build audiences and fans through insight-driven creative,

Troika partners with today’s leading brands striving to create lasting bonds with their audiences in a multi-platform world. With two decades of experience building some of the most iconic entertainment and sports brands, we believe in redefining the brand experience to build meaningful audience engagement. Our process incorporates cultural anthropology and a seamless integration of strategy and creative in constant conversation, as we envision the future of the audience-media relationship in an era of unlimited choice. Helping our clients build fans – and helping fans build true loyalty.

In a time when entertainment fundamentally shapes our cultural and individual identities, it’s crucial to understand the insights that drive your audience’s behavior. With an anthropological approach, we conduct both qualitative and quantitative research to develop actionable insights that inform the way a brand lives in the real world.

research and insights services
  • Focus Groups
  • Digital Ethnography
  • In-Home Ethnography
  • Netnography
  • Semiotic Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Shop-alongs / Watch-alongs / Work-alongs
  • Usability Testing

Strong brands build equity for your business, allowing you to meaningfully connect to audiences in a sea of competing media. We utilize our deep understanding of entertainment brands to create Brand Platforms that drive new opportunities in today’s complex environment.

strategy services


  • Brand Assessment
  • Research

Brand Positioning

  • Brand Pillars
  • Consumer Profile
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Brand Position
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Filters

Brand Platform

  • Brand Concept
  • Brand Essence
  • Personality Attributes
  • Brand Expression

Brand Message

  • Communication Platform
  • Communication Strategy
  • Upfront & Newfront Strategy

Today we interact with brands in more ways, and on more screens, than ever before. Known for creating some of the most recognizable entertainment and sports brands in the world, we specialize in building integrated brand experiences that live at the center of pop culture, from mobile interfaces to sold-out stadiums.

creative services

Identity Design

  • Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Identity Systems
  • Brand Architecture
  • Identity Signatures
  • Brand Mnemonic

Content Packaging

  • Show Logos & Key Art
  • Title Designs & Opens
  • Promotion
  • Talent Shoots
  • Insert Systems

Brand Platform Design

  • Multi-Channel Network Design
  • Multi-Platform Blueprint
  • Brand Toolkits
  • Brand Films
  • Brand Sizzle
  • Live-Action Production
  • Upfronts & Newfronts
  • In-Stadium Experience

As the paradigms of consumer marketing shift from disruption to engagement, connecting with your audience requires innovative thinking. We seek out new opportunities at the intersections of entertainment, advertising, and technology to engage audiences on deeper, more emotive levels.

marketing innovation services


  • Multi-Platform Campaigns
  • Brand Integration
  • Brand Sponsorships
  • Social Media Activation
  • Content Branding

Brand Activation

  • Brand Action Plan
  • Blue Sky Ideation
  • Think Tanks: Brand Innovation Workshops
  • Brand Stewardship


  • TV Spots
  • Digital User-Experience
  • Experience Design/Environmental
  • Event Branding & Design