EA Sports Branded Video Campaign



Develop a branded video campaign for Madden NFL 13, FIFA 13, and NHL 13 that drives brand attribution from each specific game back to the EA Sports brand. Create an ownable, signature style for EA Sports’ in-game, digital, and out-of-home marketing assets.

What You Saw

Be the Ball – a visceral experience that blurs the line between real life and CG to immerse gamers into the world of EA Sports. The videos follow a ball’s journey from the factory to the final play and aim to build a consistent style that gamers will come to recognize as distinctly EA Sports.

Madden NFL 13 Bootflow

NHL 13 Bootflow

FIFA 13 Bootflow

To unify the EA Sports brand experience across multiple titles, a unique story was built for each sport, but written, shot, and treated within similar design aesthetics and narratives to deliver on the brand promise of “igniting the emotion of sports.”

Madden NFL 13                                                    NHL 13

Marketing materials for EA Sports’ Season Ticket package also centered around footage from the branded video campaign.

Footage was incorporated into EA Sports’ brand campaigns in Times Square and Las Vegas.

What You Didn’t See

Take a peek behind the curtain of what went into the making of the EA Sports video campaign, from pre-pro to shooting to post production.

A live-action shoot was directed by Troika to capture athletes performing in professionally sanctioned gear.

Footage was shot at sports facilities around the Southern California area; league logos, stadium lights, and treatment of ice, grass, and courts were added in post production to enhance the intensity of the footage.

Hockey: Before                                                     Hockey: After

NBA: Before                                                          NBA: After

The basketball court had seen better days. Color treatment wasn’t enough, so an entirely CG floor was created.

Original Court                                                        Treated Court

Final CG Court

Once the “Be the Ball” concept was selected from over a dozen ideas, rough animatics were laid out to determine the appropriate narrative and timing.