Esterio Segura Goodbye My Love

Cuban contemporary artist Esterio Segura’s Goodbye My Love combines two universal images – the heart and the airplane – to create a symbol that is a commentary on immigration and echoes the bittersweet that comes with separation; with every goodbye there is a new beginning. The artist’s international reputation and financial success earns him the privilege to freely travel in and out of Cuba, unlike many of his fellow countrymen.

Seon Ghi Bahk Aggregation 201402

Korean contemporary artist Seon Ghi Bahk is fascinated with the foolishness of perspective. Throughout his career he has specialized in building sculptural artwork with charcoal that stresses restructuring viewpoints through disaggregated objects. Aggregation 201402 is a site-specific piece that plays with perspective, and is Bahk’s only installation in Los Angeles. The piece tells the story of individual parts coming together to make something spectacular. Installed by Bahk himself, the piece hangs as a reminder to Troika’s staff that the collaboration is at the center of everything the agency produces.

Esterio Segura Submarino Hecho en Casa

Cuban artist Esterio Segura has been elaborating on Submarino Hecho en Casa (Homemade Submarines) for over a decade. The project, which involves large format drawings and sculpture, including an actual modified vintage Chrysler for the 2012 Havana Biennial, explores the subject of migration and flight, an emotional theme in a country where you have to ask permission to leave and where many have died trying to do so in inventive makeshift rafts and boats. But instead of migrating to the US or Europe, the hybrid seafaring vessels are heading to an alternative Cuba.

devNgosha Exodus

The jovial characters in this piece by devNgosha are called Dreamweavers. They are in route to Los Angeles from their planet where they battled evil and won victoriously. Their heroism is symbolic of the fact that good guys to win.

KMNDZ Resting Place

This piece by KMNDZ is about the cycle of life; giving of one’s self and taking. Losses and gains, ending and beginnings — they are a natural part of a process that gives way to personal growth and more importantly growth for others.

Karen Tran Infinite Embrace

At the heart of Troika is the spirit of collaboration. With intertwined hands embracing each other, this site-specific mural was designed by Karen Tran as a visual representation of the collaborative environment within Troika, and the ever-unpredictable nature of the creative process.

Kevork Cholakian This Side Up & Sugar Fix

Kevork Cholakian is a longtime friend, client, and colleague of Troika. His work explores the notion of what is real and what isn’t. Cholakian uses realism to convey humor, scale, irony, importance and familiarity. His 2D and 2D work focuses on everyday objects, where the mundane becomes heroic and seduces the viewer to see things – sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden – to prompt a closer look at the seemingly ordinary things around us.

The 101 Gallery: Self

The 101 Gallery is a space dedicated to showcasing artwork from Troika’s staff. The latest installation, “Self Portrait,” features the unique personalities behind Troika’s staff, symbolically brought together to form a collective of works that represent the agency’s spirit of collaboration. All mediums were welcomed, and with a two word creative brief from – self portrait – an imaginative series of art took flight; some literal, some abstract, and all representing the passion and soul behind the artist.