ABC Fall Rebrand 2016



Continuing our longstanding partnership with ABC, we developed the Pure Energy design concept for the 2016 fall season. The campaign originated during the television network’s Upfront presentation in the spring and extends beyond broadcast into print and digital media, creating a cohesive ABC brand.


The new look takes ABC’s visual identity beyond simple, flat geometry and transforms it into a vibrant, 3D world. It combines a mix of 3D rendered cloth with 2D elements, allowing the energy to feel unexpected and organic. Troika and the ABC creative team used this technique to work with ABC’s existing signature butterscotch, garnet, and aluminum color palette.

In addition to the identity package, Troika and ABC also produced a network image spot that aired during the 2016 Emmy Awards. The spot employed transitions from the dimensional glass logo and resolved with the energy revealing the ABC pearl.

Troika’s partnership with ABC began 15 years ago with a black, white and yellow campaign that employed fast-cut still photography of the network’s talent. In 2003, the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum featured Troika’s work for the network in its National Design Triennial.